"We the Makers Believe" captured the ethos of the Maker Movement with busy robot characters. It was included in Make: Lots o' Bots, published by Scholastic.


This illustration accompanied a story problem in which students demonstrated an understanding of angle measure. It appeared in a middle school textbook published by McDougal Littell.


This proposal to LEGO shared a handful of novel activity ideas for young children using motors and sensors.


For each day of Maker Camp 2015, we produced one-pagers with instructions for hands-on projects in our on-air video demos.

This diagram showed Maker Faire visitors how to make a simple pinwheel.

This diagram—showing students how to fold an origami cat head— appeared as part of an elementary mathematics program published by Houghton Mifflin.

Paper Construction

This print-and-make paper robot provided a cheap and simple starter project to Maker Camp participants.

Cut Paper (in Motion!)

I developed this surfing gecko, a motor-driven animatronic prototype in my work with the research and development group of the Tinkering Studio of the Exploratorium.


This close-up look at a Japanese Maple leaf is rendered in acrylic and red glitter. The canvas is about 90 cm x 60 cm.