Guides: Playbooks, Curriculum, and Lesson Plans

For all the playbooks, curriculum samples, and lesson plans below, I led the writing, research, design, and illustration of the entire contents. In some cases, the writing was adapted from other internal sources, as is usually indicated.

Here are a few of the first pages of a manual I wrote to share guidelines and ideas for facilitators running summer Making activities.
Maker Camp Affiliate Site Playbook (44 pages)
The Makerspace Playbook: School Edition was developed with funding from DARPA. It provided context and support around planning spaces for schools to make with their students. We interviewed successful School Makerspaces and compiled the best practices into this volume. It included tools & materials, safety, signage, practices, and snapshot vignettes.
Makerspace Playbook (84 pages)
Schools hosting Maker Faires turned to Maker Media for more guidance in organizing the events. This thorough guide adapted the Maker Faire Playbook to a school context, adding templates and sample texts to ease the burden on the educators who step forward to lead School Maker Faires.
School Maker Faire Playbook (41 pages)
This guide provided a welcoming overview of Maker Faire and blackline masters for classroom teachers to use before, during, and/or after field trips to Maker Faire.
Maker Faire playbook (31 pages)
The detailed instructional guide Maker Faire Hands-On Greatest Hits How-To was sent to Mini Maker Faire producers to help re-focus the mission of the event on hands-on making, not just exhibiting things made by Makers. The playbook includes overviews and signage.
Maker Faire Greatest Hits (32 pages)
This conversation starter and debate guide in All-Star Alien Hide & Seek introduces students to the statistical likelihood of life elsewhere in the universe. Then it engages them in a class debate to consider how much effort humans should put into passive and active contact. Students consider scale and apply what they’ve learned about the electromagnetic spectrum in this physics-focused unit.
Part of Waves across the Universe, a full online unit of five lesson plans.
This biology-focused lesson plan Tricky Transplants is one of ~150 in a middle-school science curriculum called Science Generation. It is part of Science Generation, which brings SERP’s heavy focus on literacy and civic education across disciplines to the ~150 Creative Commons-licensed, open middle-school science lesson plans we developed.
Part of Cells Teaming Up, a full online unit of six lesson plans.

I conceived, tested, and wrote projects for the first year of a science subscription kit for kids. Take a peek at three panels of the step-by-step instructions for the third month’s guide. Directions for two to four projects were sent in each month’s subscription kit. I also wrote light-hearted companion comic book narratives for each month.

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