Experience Design

Live Workshop

Over 2,500 visitors of all ages took part in a free "Learn to Breadboard" workshop at Maker Faire Bay Area 2019. I designed the step-by-step instructions for breadboarding noobs to use the ever-popular 555 timer chip in their very own instrument of the retro-future, a light-controlled theremin.
This easy-to-make project required minimal facilitation with the carefully designed instructions.

Interactive Diagram

In interviews, teachers indicated their students had a hard time comparing diagrams to see the differences in types of cells and little understanding of the dynamic nature of cells. Isolating one element at a time in this set of four cell diagrams allows students to focus on unique features. Further, lightly animating the simple sketches helps students see that cells aren’t static boxes full of unpronounceable terms, but rather alive and changing.
See the interactive diagram or the diagram within the context of a full middle-school biology lesson plan.


Visual models often come to students with an as-is inevitability. Here, a playful keyboard lets students alter the ways sound waves are represented, and provides a friendly introduction to a valuable tool: an oscilloscope. The SciGen curriculum used technology to explain concepts through animation and simulations, here in a lesson about the physics of sound. See live oscilloboard.