Graphic Design

Facilitator Playbook

Hundreds of Maker Camp affiliates worldwide sought guidance from Maker Media on how to run a program at their site. I edited and designed a thorough playbook to offer sample calendars, rules of thumb, and shared wisdom from previous camp facilitators.

Children's DIY Book

Maker Media collaborated with Scholastic to create Make: Lots O' Bots as an introduction to making. The book includes interviews with young makers, profiles of projects seen at Maker Faire, and simple robot-related projects. I edited and designed it and wrote much of the original text. The book is available through Scholastic's book club.

Teacher's Guide

NASA and TERC developed the Life on Earth...and elsewhere? curriculum to bring the principles and practice of astrobiology into middle and high school classrooms. I conceived many of the activities with a science curriculum specialist, and I produced both the layout and illustration for this book. NASA printed 30,000 copies of the book, and it is also available as a PDF.